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Bitcode Ai Review

Bitcode Ai Experience

There are more and more people interested in cryptocurrency trading. Some of them have made trading a real full-time job and earn really good money with it. The market is still very volatile and many investors have little or no experience in trading cryptocurrencies. This exacerbates the problem.
The markets in crypto trading never sleep and there are also no usual opening hours such as holidays or weekends. This results in the fact that traders need help in this area in particular. For this reason, trading bots are particularly suitable.
The following report deals with a very popular bot in Bitcoin trading, namely Bitcode Ai. Preliminary results show very clearly that it is a very well positioned software. With a free demo account, beginners in particular can get started with trading. Appropriate settings can be made with it, which are completely geared to the needs of the trader.


Bitcode Ai – what is it actually?

This is a cryptocurrency trading software that determines the future prices of various coins through a comprehensive market analysis. The decisive factor here is that the trading decision is automated.
The focus is on the purchase of bitcoins. However, the platform also offers other cryptocurrencies. These would be Litecoin, Ripple or Ethereum. Trading can be used by a professional, but also by beginners.

Features & Functionality


Bitcode Ai – what is behind it?

With people, it is often the case that they can identify with a software that is characterised by a face. However, with this bot, there is no person. Moreover, there is no team ready to claim the bot for itself. This could well be a cause for concern. But it is not enough to question the bot’s seriousness.
Bitcode Ai can be considered the leading cryptocurrency. One can consider this currency standard currency for all alt-coins. The identity of a founder, nevertheless, remains a secret, although a whitpaper has published under the pseudonym, of Satohsa Nakamoto.
Legitimacy derives from a large network of reputable and regulated brokers.

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Opinions about Bitcode Ai

My level of knowledge about technology is not really sophisticated. Of course, I can do research on the internet. Nevertheless, I was surprised that such a difficult and sophisticated program as Bitcode Ai offers can be used to make money. The operation is kept very simple, so that I already earned several hundred dollars in the first week. This is the second time we have been able to go on a cruise. Thanks to my daughter, who made me aware of Bitcoin Evolution.

Advantages and disadvantages

Free of charge: The trading bot can be used free of charge.
Demo account: With the free demo account, beginners in particular can get acquainted with the trading software and practice appropriate settings.
Low deposit amount: The minimum deposit is $250. This is lower than fees for other bots.
Very good customer support: The support is available to the user around the clock.
Practical: The bot is web-based. This creates flexibility that is compatible with any device.


There are no founders.


With the information now known and knowing what to expect, the user can start trading after creating an account. With the Bitcoin Evolution demo account, the beginner can practice all the settings that are important for successful trading for free. Every trader should do this and especially the beginner. This is important before any money is invested. For the trader, this means that Bitcoin Evolution wants every trader to actually make profits.

How does Bitcode Ai compare to other bots?

Bitcode Ai is one of the best bots on the market. Moreover, it stands much better than other contenders. Therefore, Bitcode Ai can be recommended without any restrictions.