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Ethereum Bulls and Bears Tussle for $1900: Who Will Win?


  • Ethereum [ETH] bulls and bears were locked in an intense battle around the $1900 level on Monday, with trading volume jumping 21%.
  • Large Ethereum addresses continued to fill up their coffers with more ETH despite the resurgence of trading activity.
  • Staked ETH supply outpaced supply on centralized exchanges as of 26 June, with about 23.4 million ETH locked in Ethereum’s smart contract.

Bulls and Bears Tussle for $1900

Volatility and trading volume jumped sharply over the last 24 hours as Ethereum [ETH] bulls and bears were locked in an intense battle around the $1900 level on Monday. The coin shuttled within the $1870-$1900 range for most of the day before plunging further to $1840 before recuperating to $1868 at the time of writing, according to CoinMarketCap data.
The interest around ETH was also reflected in the 21% jump in trading volume over the past 24 hours. Volumes have been on the rise since early June, impacted by events like regulators’ clampdown on major entities and growing institutional interest in cryptos.

Large Addresses Accumulate More ETH

Blockchain analytics firm Santiment revealed that large addresses were unfazed by this resurgence of trading activity and continued to fill up their coffers with more amount of ETH. As evident from its data, top non-exchange addresses amassed 33.6 million ETH at press time, which is a record high. This indicates that these large investors are seeing Ethereum as a viable long-term investment option even amidst increasing trust issues surrounding centralized exchanges (CEX).

Staked Ether Supply Outpaces Exchange Supply

Twitter user ‘ekin’ reported that staked ether supply surpassed exchange supply as of 26 June, with approximately 23.4 million ETH locked into Ethereum’s smart contracts. This highlights an impressive surge in demand for staking services due to rewards associated with them and increased overall crypto adoption worldwide.


It is evident from this article that Ethereum continues to be a popular choice among investors despite its turbulent price movements recently. With large addresses continuing to accumulate more amounts of Ether tokens along with rising staked ether supplies, it seems like volatility will remain present for some time now but may also create opportunities for traders looking to capitalize on short-term price changes or for long-term hodlers who are looking towards capital appreciation over time.