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Hedera Co-Founder Talks Growth Amid Bear Market, NFTs in Supply Chain

• Mance Harmon, the co-founder of Hedera, recently appeared in an interview on Paul Barren Network where he discussed various aspects of his blockchain firm.
• Despite the crypto winter and bear market, Hedera saw its total value locked (TVL) increase by more than 33%.
• Harmon expects more use cases in the supply chain NFT space to drive growth for Hedera.

Hedera Co-Founder Discusses Growth Amidst Bear Market

Mance Harmon, the man behind the popular layer 1 DLT Hedera, recently appeared in an interview on Paul Barren Network. The interview saw Harmon discuss various aspects of his blockchain firm including decentralization, its growing governance council, and recent partnerships. During the interview, Hedera co-founder Mance Harmon highlighted the strong performance of Hedera in the fourth quarter of last year despite rising FUD and slumping crypto prices. He revealed that network usage saw massive growth due to decentralized exchanges like SaucersSwap and staking platforms like Stader Labs. Tokenization services, Hedera consensus service, filesystem, and smart contracts also contributed to this growth.

Decentralization and Scalability

Harmon stated that Hedera has been able to ensure a degree of decentralization that no other layer 1 firm has been able to achieve. One of the most important milestones that remain is the ability for a layer 1 DLT to scale and process transactions with really high throughput to meet market demand. He revealed that his team is working towards adding community-run nodes as well as additional shards and networks within 24 months.

NFT Use Cases

Harmon is counting on a tokenized world in the future driven by NFTs associated with supply chain use cases for driving growth for Hedera. According to him,“Everything you see and touch is going to have an associated digital twin in the form of a token, more often than not it would be an NFT.“ As far as existing core crypto-focused spaces like gaming, loyalty rewards among others are concerned; NFTs will branch out from these areas into newer ones such as supply chain use cases which will drive further growth for Hedera’s popularity.

Presence at Davos Summit

When asked about decreased presence of blockchain firms at Davos Summit due to crypto winter; Harmon said that overall tone was more pragmatic than flashy making it perfect opportunity for Hedera demonstrate real world case studies using their technology.


To conclude; Mance Harmon believes that this crypto winter has presented unique opportunities for projects such as his own -Hedra -to prove their resilience while making sure they are prepared when things start looking up again soon enough with new use cases being explored in supply chain NFT space likely to boost its popularity..