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Matic Price Could Bounce on Bullish Divergence and Breaker

• Bitcoin (BTC) is likely to experience a bounce due to the presence of a range low and bullish breaker.
• MATIC could have formed a range, with the mid-range at $1.21 acting as support and resistance. A bounce in prices could be expected due to the presence of a divergence as well as a bullish breaker.
• The spot CVD has been in decline, suggesting that selling pressure is present on the lower timeframes.

Bitcoin’s Outlook

Bitcoin (BTC) is likely to see strong demand in the $22.3k-$22.6k area on Monday’s trading session, which could see BTC visit these lows and then bounce higher. On the other hand, if BTC drops beneath $22.2k it is likely to recede towards $21.6k and potentially even as low as $20.8k .

MATIC Range Formation

MATIC also approached an area of support, where a near-term range from $1.168 to $1.259 was highlighted on its 1-hour chart with its mid-range at $1.21 providing support and resistance over recent days. A bullish divergence accompanied by a bullish breaker was seen here, suggesting that MATIC may soon bounce towards its range highs again after retesting its lows near $1.16 .

Spot CVD Decline

The spot CVD has been in decline since 3 February despite positive predictions for funding rates indicating overall bullish sentiment – this means that selling pressure has been witnessed on 5 February when MATIC attempted to break out past the range highs before being quickly pushed back down again towards its lows . This indicates that bears are currently in control of lower timeframe markets .

Risk Management

Risk-averse traders can wait for a bounce from the price point of $1.16 whereas more aggressive traders can look for opportunities elsewhere if they believe that MATIC will sweep through the zone of support at around $0.167 instead .


Overall, Bitcoin (BTC) appears set for recovery towards its range highs while MATIC may soon experience a bounce due to the presence of both a divergence and a bullish breaker amidst declining spot CVD figures signifying bearish control on lower timeframes . Risk management strategies should be employed accordingly depending on one’s risk appetite .