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Tron [TRX] Gears Up For Periander Upgrade, TVL & Userbase Surge

• The Tron Network is gearing up for its upcoming Periander upgrade, which brings significant enhancements to the network.
• Ahead of the upgrade, TRX has been enjoying a surge in on-chain metrics and maintaining a bullish trend.
• The update is set to unfold around 11 July, as per Messari’s report.

Tron Network Prepares for Periander Upgrade

The Tron Network is set to upgrade on 11 July with its upcoming Great Voyage—v4.7.2 (Periander) update announced in a news release on 3 July. This latest upgrade will bring significant enhancements across four key areas including an advanced Stake 2.0 mechanism, seamless compatibility with EIP-3855, a more streamlined smart contract interface calling, and a revamped P2P network module. Furthermore, two pivotal governance proposals are also being introduced for Tron Stake 2.0 to give users more flexible staking options such as withdrawing unstaking requests during progress and allowing users to personalize the lockup period for delegated resources.

TRX Reacts Positively

TRX and other key metrics have seen a steady uptrend in recent weeks as the upgrade approaches with Total Value Locked (TVL) increasing modestly after experiencing a decline in June and transaction volume soaring above the 5 million mark at the time of writing while user base grew significantly with approximately 1.7 million users of which nearly 45,000 were returning users demonstrating vibrancy within the platform’s ecosystem.

Steady Bullish Trend

As anticipation builds around this remarkable update, TRX has been continuing its noteworthy journey maintaining a bullish trend throughout with data from DefiLlama indicating positive momentum for Tron amid these ongoing developments and enhancements.

Timeframe For Update Unveiled

Messari reported that this anticipated upgrade is scheduled to unfold around 11 July offering an exciting glimpse into what lies ahead for Tron MainNet as it continues its ambitious journey towards further decentralization while striving to build trust among stakeholders through enhanced transparency measures such as these updates which provide opportunities to explore new possibilities within blockchain technology space while also adding convenience features that make using Tron’s services even easier than ever before .


All signs point towards TRX breaking out into higher levels as investors anticipate massive returns due to these upgrades bringing much needed improvements throughout the network making it faster , more secure , and enabling even easier access to decentralized applications built on top of it . As we await further developments , only time will tell whether or not this will be yet another success story within blockchain space .